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Quality you can count on

All Vinyl Fencing Guys vinyl fences are commercial grade, heavy duty, top of the line, 100% virgin materials backed by a non-prorated factory backed lifetime warranty, manufactured by largest building material manufactures in the area. There is nothing more than a client would ask for than what Vinyl Fencing Guys offers. Our services are also of high quality since they are offered by skilled professionals who have many years experience in the field.



We eliminate the middle men and directly sell our products to our clients and customers thus selling the products at a lower price than they would be sold if the middle men were involved. To determine the price of the material you need for your vinyl fence project, call us on 844-244-0530 and choose the vinyl fence style you want and get an instant quote.


Superior Customer Service

As licensed installer of vinyl fencing, Vinyl Fencing Guys has its own vinyl fencing installation crews. We offer a lifetime warranty on the materials installed with a guarantee that your vinyl fence will not fade, crack, chip, melt, or chalk, for as long as you own your home, even in extreme weather conditions. Vinyl Fencing Guys has all of the popular fence styles that you are looking for. We can even help you come up with a unique custom vinyl fence style that best suits your home.

When you call us on 844-244-0530, our fence consultants will help you evaluate all your vinyl fencing options, show you what to look for in a vinyl product and answer all your questions. So give Vinyl Fencing Guys a call and see how pleasant our products and services are.

Why we’re the best vinyl fence experts

Replacement and repair resource

Vinyl Fencing Guys offers you replacement and repair resources if you need to replace a section of fence or add onto an existing project. In most cases, you will find it hard to find the exact fencing material that is used on your fence from vendors since most vendors will have the stock of products that are currently in demand. We have all type of fencing materials that you may need both new and old.

Transferrable lifetime warranty

Our warranty is backed by a reputable corporate that has been in business for many years. This is to ensure that incase there is a problem; they'll be there to step up to make it right for the customer. The best thing is that they even cover the labor for the installation which no other vinyl fencing contractor in the industry will do.

Variety of styles, designs and colors

Vinyl Fencing Guys offers a variety of color, styles and designs for vinyl fences for the client to choose. Our products and services are not only quality but they are also very affordable. We are the best vinyl fence material distributers and fencing experts that you can find around. We believe in giving the best to our clients and customers thus we strive to ensure that the quality of our products and services is high. Call us on 844-244-0530 for more information.

Key features

Vinyl Fencing Guys

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  • img Own production
  • img Proven durability
  • img Wide variety of sizes and colors
  • img Expert installation and repair